Embedded Systems and Hardware

At Idea Helix, we have experts who can plan, strategize and develop embedded system architectures, methodologies and flows. From design to installation, our engineers work closely with customers to provide test engineering solutions. We evaluate product test flow and cycle time optimization to maintain test efficiency. Our multidisciplinary teams blend technical and aesthetic expertise to develop requirements, work processes, optimization methods, and risk management tools to develop successful products. Be it simple or complex systems, our team can help you accomplish your business requirements and goals

DFT logic plays an important role in the design of ASIC chips, owing to the rising complexity of designs and debugging manufacturing issues. With Idea Helix’s DFT Consulting services, your organization can

  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Improve predictability of tests
  • Improve Engineering Productivity
  • Obtain high fault coverage and better product quality

Complex products require careful systems planning, as well as rigorous adherence to quality standards. Our quality specialists engage with every project from day one and are integrated into every process. We create the procedures and documentation that ensures standards compliance, durability of components and systems, and a safe and effective operation under a wide range of conditions.

Bring any complex instrument or innovative system idea and the experts at Idea Helix can take it from design to prototype to production with no bumps in the road. We have the capability to do the hard stuff and we do it right!