Clean Tech

The final frontier for today’s technology filled world is the drive toward cleaner technologies and solutions. IdeaHelix is proud to be part of the teams that are leading the effort on a cleaner tomorrow and to give back to the next generation. Our teams actively work with various clean tech companies and also contribute toward safe and secure pharmaceutical disposal solutions. Reach out to us to discuss our clean tech endeavors.

Clean Tech Inc

Clean Tech with 30 years of experience, is one of the largest disaster restoration companies and an industry leader in the medical cleaning. They follow strict guidelines established by the I.I.C.R.C, OSHA, CDC, BBP and KDHE regulations.

Waste Management

As Waste Management expands to sustainable sourcing to clean disposal markets, our data and engineering teams have helped Waste Management teams to design and build data models to anticipate and respond to advanced waste management strategies.

Role of Data and IT in CleanTech Sustainability Models

Within the clean tech space, we’ve collaborated to deliver our expertise to help waste management companies deliver advanced sustainability solutions to their business customers. Our team of technology experts work with solution managers at the waste management industry to bring out extraordinary answers to the toughest waste management questions posed by the rapid technology and other development today.